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This is about dreams…
We are big in dreams!
We want to share our dreams with you!
We want you to share your dreams with us!
And most of all, we want our dreams to become true!
How we do it? (or „the rules of the game“)
First of all we read the bible and look into the beatitudes:

Then we think of something we could do together that goes along with them. For example build a house for a homeless family…
Or… support a seminarist so he may become priest.
Or… build a chapel in Siberia so people can go and pray.
Or… make a massive advertising campaign for the Lord.
Or… build a school for blind children south of the Nile
Or…, or… or…
If you have an idea send your idea by email,
We will check your idea, and if we think it’s good then we put it on
Our „Potential Blessing List“ (max. 20 different ones) and there all
registered members may vote which 3 of the potential blessings
they like best.
The best three get elected as „Blessings in production“…
… and here is where the real work begins, in order to make a
dream come true, e.g. we need people who will volunteer to make
it true, we will need to make different contacts or even hire
proffesionals to help us out!
Therefore a „Blessing in production“:

is open to accepting volunteers who will help us make it possible

it requires a budget

it is open for donations

While we in Opus Christi do our level best to organize it all.

Together we can really make it true!!!!!

"Lord, You know all things, You know that I love You!"

John 21, 17


Father James's retreat in Slavkov u Brna (South of

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