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Dear brother, Dear sister in Christ,

We believe that the words Jesus spoke to us are true, we believe that you and me are the light of the world, the light sent from heaven to banish all darkness, to establish his kingdom and bring salvation to our fellow man. It is not us who live but Jesus who lives in us, He is the light shining from within our hearts – He is the light of the nations.

So, what would Jesus do…

… if He would start a company?

Maybe He would start in a humble way, in a little apartment, maybe even with the help of a young family, a young family that believes in Him and loves Him, that is convinced that together with Him they can truly change the world.

… to make the company successful?

He would rely completely on His Father, on His doctrine, His love, His presence, His providence and His decrees. He would lay the company’s foundations on the solid rock of His Word, His Gospel and His laws.

… with the company’s resources?

He would act in heavenly wisdom, using part of the company’s resources to help the materially and spiritually poor in the world, to bring hope to the afflicted, light to those in darkness, freedom to those in chains, to let as many people as possible take part in His heavenly Kingdom. Then He may use part of the resources to nourish the company, watering, cultivating and fertilizing it, that it may give rich fruit, blessing more and more each day all those who put their love and their effort into making it grow.

… with His workers?

He would call them “friend”, “brother”, “sister”, “father” or “mother”, there would be a bond of innocent love and gratitude between all those working together with Him. Those working for Him wouldn’t be doing it to receive more or less money, status or authority, they would be doing it to share His love.

… with His customers?

He probably wouldn’t see them as customers, but maybe as His own children, as part of His family, as a gift from His Father, cherishing and sharing with them, building His Kingdom together with them in a mutual relationship of goodness, mercy and giving.

…So this is what we have firmly decided in Opus Christi, because we in Opus Christi, we want to be like Jesus.

We see our ministry first and foremost in bringing glad tidings to the poor, proclaiming liberty to the captive and the recovery of sight to the blind, in letting the oppressed go free and in feeding His sheep – in one word: Salvation – Opus Christi, the Work of Christ. We have decided to answer His call by focussing our efforts on our fellow man, providing a platform for sharing dreams and visions, for crying, laughing and working together by producing music, videos, books and DVDs for the Lord, selling all these to His children at an affordable price, and using the profit for His purposes. We also sell lots of different things, from little crosses over to clothing, posters, etc… etc… all wrapped up in a really cool interactive website with some really neat stuff. The best thing is, you see for yourself.

We also feel a certain responsibility for our products and for all those who buy them, that’s why we pray over them before you receive them. All our products have been submitted to a strict analysis of their origin and content, we guarantee that they are absolutely compatible with the highest and purest standards of Christian Faith and will serve to your own sanctification and that of others.

In the love of Our Lord, your


P.S. No, we are not "Opus Dei"

"Lord, You know all things, You know that I love You!"

John 21, 17


Father James's retreat in Slavkov u Brna (South of

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