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Father James's retreat in Porto (Portugal)

Charismatic retreat with Father James in Porto (Portugal)

"I believe in God as the blind man believes in the sun, not because he sees it but because he feels it".

Date:  September 23th-25th, 2011


Auditorio da Casa de Vilar

Casa de Vilar

Rúa de Arcediago Van Zeler, 50

4050-621 Porto (Portugal)

Information and inscription:

Delivery of accreditations: 15€, Maria Clara Henriques (966035221, 261449222; clarajohenriques@gmail.com)

Tiago Régio: 962345344, tiago.regio@hotmail.com;
Paula Duncan: 914084117, paulajduncan22@hotmail.com

Info and registrement




11/September/2011 06:39:48 pm
What is your very special resolution for the New Year?

"Lord, You know all things, You know that I love You!"

John 21, 17


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