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Father James's retreat in Viena (Austria)

Charismatic retreats with Father James in Viena (Austria)

" When a man discovers his lacks, God covers them. When a man hides them, God discovers them. When he recognizes them, God forgets them "

Date: April 29th - May 1st, 2011


Haus der Begegnung

Donaustadt 1220 Wien,

Eingang: Schrödingerplatz 1


Viena (Austria)

Information and registration:

Registration only by email or regular mail

K.S. Dörfler – Spiritual Retreat

2245 Velm-Götzendorf, Hauptstraße 3

o: familie.doerfler@hotmail.com 

For further information (not registration) call:

Sylvia 0043 676 971 80 58
or Kurt 0043 664 610 11 90

Attendace may also be in single days.

(Admission until 10.00 at the latest)

Due to the size of the conference room, each day of attendance to the retreat is 15 euros.

For three-days participants the price is 30 euros. Young people up to age 25 may give a free donation for the retreat.

Information of the retreat









28/January/2011 09:56:26 am
How often do you pray?

"Lord, You know all things, You know that I love You!"

John 21, 17


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